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Inspection and Maintenance of Blowing Film Machine


Blowing Film Machine Maintenance - Targeted Maintenance Items

1. Feeding machine system: Clean the filter in a timely manner and check for air leakage in the negative pressure feeding system.

2. Extruder system:

① Observe the pressure gauge and main motor current, and clean the screen changer in a timely manner

② Check for noise and overheating in the gearbox, screws, and main motor

③ Check the operating frequency, current, and temperature rise of the frequency converter, and clean the motor and frequency converter dust on time.

④ Correct the measurement error between the thermocouple and the actual temperature.

⑤ Correct the placement of the extruder, adjust the groove wheels to ensure the placement angle and level of the extruder.

3. Mold head system:

① The startup heating adopts a secondary heating method to avoid temperature overshoot.

② Before starting or stopping the machine, use a pure copper scraper to clean the accumulated material, clean the membrane opening with paraffin, and reduce the impact of precipitates on the membrane bubbles.

③ Cover the protective felt in a timely manner after shutdown to avoid mold damage. (This method is used for the upper blowing machine)

④ Regularly check the temperature and current of each temperature zone and the heating plug at the membrane port, and correct the temperature difference.

⑤ Correct the level of the mold head and match the center point with the traction.

⑥ Use a torque wrench to disassemble the mold screws, operate according to the specified torque, and use molybdenum disulfide grease for high-temperature screws.

⑦ Welding and cutting of molds are prohibited.

4. Wind ring maintenance: Timely clean up debris and dust inside the wind ring

5. Maintenance of traction device: The herringbone folding is pollution-free, the clamping traction (cooling) roller pressure is appropriate, there is no condensation water, and the flattening roller operates flexibly.

6. Corona processor maintenance:

① Regularly clean high-voltage transformers, discharge rollers, discharge racks, electrical control boxes, and adjust discharge gaps;

② Before starting up, check the humidity of the equipment to avoid short circuits in the discharge frame, and check the operating temperature of the discharge roller bearings,

③ Replace the silicone tubing in a timely manner.

7. Electrical maintenance

① Ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply, and ensure that the performance parameters meet the requirements,

② Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity, maintain good grounding, and pay attention to eliminating static electricity hazards.

③ Regularly remove radiator dust.

④ Prohibit repairing core components with points.

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